Audible/Visual Hoots: Mauno, SH-SHAKES, Slight & more

Scene from the Bass Lions video for "We Got Guts"
Scene from the Bass Lions video for “We Got Guts”

Mauno – “Nothing”

Much to our excitement, experimental-folk musician Nick Everett has returned with a new band and a revised sound. Featuring Eliza Niemi and Evan Matthews alongside Everett, Mauno’s first single “Nothing” has a garage-rock/pop feel with a jumpy bass-line while Everett’s distinct vocals nicely harmonized with Niemi’s. Though “Nothing” is over in a flash, it’s enough to get us very interested in their upcoming release.

Slight – Spirit School/Tasting 

As we’ve noted earlier, the Montreal band Slight is a mix of a lot of things: pop sensibilities, a swirling synth haze, and light harmonies. A combination that’s usually perfect for quiet listening yet as shown in both “Spirit School”  and “Tasting,” Slight’s blend is meant for and excels with the volume turned way up. Though “Tasting” has a thicker synth and guitar sludge, both shine bright.

SH-SHAKES – “My Own Time” 

SH-SHAKES describing themselves as a “GARAGE ROCK SURFIN PSYCH PARTY” is 100% accurate. “My Own Time,” the band’s newest single, is a blur of power chords, an easily catchy chorus, and that air of cool dudes playing music. “My Own Time” is the reason for your next dance party.

Alden Penner – “Oh How the Day”

Yeah yeah, the Unicorns reunited, but let’s not forget Alden Penner is tremendous solo. On his latest video, the sweet, relaxing, acoustic tune is accompanied by VHS-quality contemplative visuals. What is Penner staring at and why? Come to your own conclusions.

Bass Lions – “We Got Guts”

Bass Lions went for unpredictability with their new video. At Kitchener’s version of Nuit Blanche, NIGHT/SHIFT, the band invited people into their little studio. The result is a black-and-white gathering of people partying it up however they see fit. Given the celebratory sound of “We Got Guts,” the grooving fits just fine.

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