Michael’s Top 7 EPs of 2014

Photo courtesy of Christian Hansen
Photo courtesy of Christian Hansen

This has been a wonderful, wonderful year for EPs. Here I will go over my seven favourites, in alphabetical order.

Diamond Mind – Fake Tape

They’re a fairly new band to the scene but are already, to use a cliche, killing it. Fake Tape mixes more influences than anyone can count, from the glitched-out “Dragon Egg” to the calm “Swimsuit Scene,” all with expertise and confidence.

Christian Hansen – Small Fry

The champion of sweatwave takes a bit of a departure on his latest EP, which sees him dive into heavy beats with a larger hip-hop influence. Encompassing themes of changing circumstances, inheritance and more, it’s a powerful and impossible-not-to-put-on-repeat concoction.

Hush Pup – Waterwings

This band is the only band that should be allowed to call itself “dream pop.” Ida Maidstone, as noted many times previously, has a gloriously dreamy voice, and on the band’s second EP they’ve got music that’s equally suited to dancing or gently rocking band forth.

Mu – Mu EP

The two letters in this Vancouver duo’s name probably don’t do much for SEO, but this band seriously needs to be heard. Laid-back, emotive vocals piggyback on minimalistic electronic beats for a solid introduction. I expect big things from you, Mu!

The Past – AIRLESS

Jack Deming has dropped the Ollie North name and moved onto something no less transcendent. Despite the name, The Past is utterly futuristic. There’s a warmth to this EP’s earnestness that helps it rise through Montreal’s already hypercreative musical landscape.

Saxsyndrum – SXD_EP

At this rate, if you see a release from Saxsyndrum on the blog, you can go ahead and assume that recording will appear on my year-end lists. This time, the duo has released an EP of six songs, half sax-focused and half percussion-focused. Splitting the attention doesn’t change the fact that this band’s instrumental dreamscapes are unbeatable.

Watershed Hour – Yacht Club

From the wilds of Whitby and Peterborough spring forth this amazingly badass duo who rock harder than musicians with twice their life experience. Yacht Club is the band’s best effort yet, with a slew of witty lyrics and bassy grooves you can dance to.


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