Audio/Visual Hoots: The Bandicoots, Emilee Sorrey, So Young, The Written Years, Gdansk and daysdeaf

The Bandicoots – “Just After Dark” 

In a cute tale about a absentee heart, the debut single from Hamilton band The Bandicoots is a very fun. A bouncy beat and a familiar pop-rock sound heightens songwriter Justin Ross’ quirky love song and makes “Just After Dark” a good one to throw on when needing a pick-me-up.

Emilee Sorrey –  “You Love Me” 

Everything feels easy and fresh in Emilee Sorrey’s song “You Love Me.” The subtle gentle electronic elements allow the song to warmly drift by but it’s the backing classical guitar really kicks things up. “You Love Me” feels like a summer’s day where the humidity won’t quit and poor decisions are made; somehow making it perfect for this season. Keep watch for that upcoming debut EP!

So Young – “He Had It Coming”

So Young’s newest single “He Had It Coming” comes from their forthcoming (January 2015) record Try Me. “He Had It Coming” continues lead singer Paterson Hodgson’s honest and moving lyrics and the band’s delightful pop-rock sound. Try Me promises to be another triumph from a very special band.

The Written Years – “It’s Not Your Fault” 

Vancouver band The Written Years’ new track “It’s Not Your Fault” is an emotional journey. Although the song title suggests that the song is an emotional one, it is lead singer Wade Ouellet’s voice that creates this powerful response. At times seemingly overcome with anguish, a highlight is following the line, “it’s not your fault” he yells “you know!,” the song is genuine and a great introduction to the band for those unfamiliar.

It’s also a win/win to buy the band’s EP that “It’s Not Your Fault” appears on! The band will be donating all proceeds from the EP  to different organization which help to present sexual and physical abuse, violence, and assault against women, as well as shelter and empower victims of these acts.

Gdansk – “Atlas”

The Hamilton band has been busy this year, having released EP1 earlier this year and with EP2 coming out on Nov. 25. First single “Atlas” was released before, but the band redid it and it comes out as a satisfying mix of soft synths and subtle guitars. A dreamlike wave of synth opens the song, along with modded vocals, eventually unfolding to allow in some guitars. By the time the four minutes is up, the song has exploded like a supernova and then faded out into quiet contemplation.

daysdeaf – “Silver (oh Mercury!)”

The band released a very colour-oriented album earlier this year, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the dance-oriented track “Silver (oh Mercury!)” also plays with the spectrum. Split between scenes of full colour and black and white, the video navigates a seemingly dead-end relationship. But when one half the pair makes a bad move, anger erupts—and so does almost every colour imaginable.

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