Review – “Fuck You I’m Dead” – ¡FLIST!

FLIST_FYID_artworkreviewed by Michael Thomas

Never has a musical descent into hell been so incredible to witness. ¡FLIST! (aka Charlie Twitch) doesn’t pull any punches on this wild debut album, from the bellicose title of Fuck You I’m Dead to the general atmosphere of horror and anguish.

It’s no mistake that this album seems jittery and occasionally angry—as Twitch told Chart Attack, he spent about eight years getting this thing together, and some of the lyrics on the album can be seen as a testament to the anxiety of perfecting one’s debut album and releasing it to the world.

To even begin to categorize this beyond ambiguous terms like “cinematic” would be impossible. At times, Fuck You I’m Dead could be the theme music for an Alfred Hitchcock film, but more often than not it provides a type of horror Hitchcock could never pull off.

Twitch’s vocals could be compared to a more unhinged Taylor Kirk of Timber Timbre but with far more expression. The combination of a huge dose of reverb and his occasional shrieks help to emphasize that recurring theme of anxiety, from all angles of what could cause it.

The riotous piano of “Fat Square,” for example, provides the backdrop to a song about not quite fitting in. At one point he says “You ain’t nothing but a round hole and I guess that I’m just scared…” with each verse punctuated by a few of his shrieks. And just when it seems like things couldn’t get any stranger, they do before the song ends.

Or even more telling, in “Tuberculoma” — almost a part two of the spooky instrumental number “Cruoritosis” — Twitch sings “I got soul-crushing problems that are probably nonsense, like I’m so bad at everything and nobody wants me.” Or even more on-point, the opener “Purify Your Soul,” which mentions phrases like “Why couldn’t I work this out?” and later “Drowning in a wave of doubt…”

It’s not all directly anxious lyrics, though. “Mercury’s Net” takes the cake for most disturbing lyrics on the album, at one point focusing on images of wings glistening with blood. The song’s instrumentals could be compared to the “VHS horror” of Edmonton’s TAIWAN, adding more effect to Twitch’s gruesome imagery. “Dents de Fer” also dials up the horror with a plea for “anesthesia, take, take, take me/to the dollar store…” amid its heavy piano sounds and generally dark mood.

It’s a good thing that this ¡FLIST! album could finally see the light of day—deeply unsettling, meticulously crafted and gleefully vicious, Fuck You I’m Dead will challenge you to accept all that hell has to offer.

Top Tracks: “Fat Square”; “Latrine”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*

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