Review – “sUs” – SEX TAPE

reviewed by Elysse Cloma


SEX TAPE is the R&B chill-wave project of Toronto artist Chris LaRocca. Produced by hip-hop artist Sly Why, his 3-song EP sUs dropped just a few weeks ago, and is available for download on Bandcamp.

In proper urban R&B fashion, the songs on sUs are about the trials and tribulations of loving a mysterious second-person “you,” through relatable metaphors like driving or “cookin’”.

The EP is a string of slow, soulful R&B tracks, that employs elements like 808 bass, trap, and snap hits, making SEX TAPE seem like a dime-a-dozen SoundCloud project. If you find yourself listening to sUs and have trouble getting into it, hold out for the final track “COOKIN//SUM” feat. Big Kon and The Kid From Sly Why. It’s tight – there’s a sultry electric piano and a snap beat to soothe the soul. On “COOKIN//SUM”, LaRocca’s vocals are emotional, simple, and self-assured, and the rap flow matches the rhythm of the chorus, which makes for a successful recipe.

sUs is filled with baby-making tracks that will be most enjoyed by pot-smoking millenials who love SoundCloud artists. Imagine lighting a blunt in your significant other’s bedroom, hitting play, and getting down to business. R&B-loving stoners of the Internet:  this one’s for you.

Top Tracks: “COOKIN//SUM”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)


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