Delta Will, Hush Pup, The Corner @ Silver Dollar

by Michael Thomas

Every once in a while a lineup comes along where one can look at it and go “Now that’s a show.” Such was the case last night with the heavenly combination of Delta Will, Most People and Hush Pup.

the corner nov 7
The Corner

Opening the night was The Corner, a relatively new band (at least new enough that they don’t have a record out yet). The four-piece sported keys front and centre with guitars in the wings, allowing for just a tad more focus on the electronics. The moody music incorporated some soaring hooks in the choruses, injecting some passion into a subdued performance. Bonus points to the drummer, who looked like he was putting every ounce of strength he had every time he hit a drum.

If their recent EP was any indication, Hush Pup promised to deliver some angelic vocals and one of the only sounds that can truly be called “dream pop.” The band more than delivered: from the danceable “Swimming” to the slow jam of “In the Dark,” the three-piece cruised through their set. It was unfortunate that Ida Maidstone’s uniquely wonderful vocals sometimes got a bit lost beneath the guitars and synths, making it difficult to hear some of her vocals. But when she could be heard loud and clear was when the band truly reached swoon levels.

Delta Will
Delta Will

Delta Will took the stage next, and it turned out to be their last set for a while—they’re “disappearing” to go work on a new record. Indeed, it was this new record—or at least new material—that dominated the set. Those that have been following Delta Will since he touched down on Earth and brought the blue to Transcendental Visits will see how his music has changed as Delta Will has swelled into a four-piece band and embraced electronic textures.

Delta Will’s new material still retains some bluesy notes here and there, but it has evolved into something new. There’s definitely more electronic influence, giving many new songs a real groove, and the band also isn’t afraid to get really heavy, like they did to start things off. Even Delta Will “oldies” can get a bit of a makeover—the all-around excellent “Good Will” now begins with an electronic backing before bursting out its full-tilt guitar assault. It’ll be a real treat to get all this recorded.

Most People closed out the night, and while this blogger wasn’t confident in his ability to stay conscious long enough to stick around, they no doubt brought the party to a wonderful end, as they are wont to do.

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