Review – “Future States EP” – Future States

reviewed by Anna Alger

Montreal indie rock band Future States have released their self-titled EP, which was recorded at St. Matthew’s Church in Timmins, Ontario. The five piece have toured the album around southern Ontario since forming about a year ago, bringing their unique blend of chamber pop and indie rock to the public.

Beginning with “Bad Signs,” the band’s sound recalls that of fellow Quebecers Sam Roberts Band. Sweet harmonizing and finger picked guitar fills out the verses, whereas the drums take precedence in the chorus. A chilled out, contemplative sound is prominent in this song.

By the second track, “Animals,” the band picks up the tempo. Tenderly sung vocals are accented by piano and a strong drum beat. Even this far into the EP, it is clear that this band loves adding little flourishes and bits of colour to their music, and in doing so they keep their songs interesting. An off kilter piano solo that almost sounds a little ragtime-y is representative of that colour in this “Animals.”

“Sleepwalker” rolls along as a brisk indie rock number. A little lo-fi, but with chiming guitar lines coming through clearly, the song is warm and intriguing. Darker sounds come out at the bridge, featuring organ and a bubbling, anticipatory guitar line. Next is “Takman,”an introspective, laid back track. Ending with “Sequin Sun,” which features Tamara Sandor’s vocals and drums reminiscent of fellow Montrealers Arcade Fire, the band wraps up this window into their perspective: one full of play and creativity that melds to form a unique, full sound.

Future States’ self titled debut EP is a fun exploration of their pleasing, melody driven sound. Combining found sound, horns, the instruments of classic rock ‘n’ roll, and soft understated vocals, this new band is worth keeping an eye on.

Future States EP is available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: “Animals” “Sleepwalker”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)


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