Review – “E P L P” – TEENANGER

e p l previewed by Elysse C 

Just over a year after Singles Don’t $ell, Toronto garage rockers TEENANGER are back at it with an eight-track album, the closest thing to “summer jams” they’ve ever produced.

It’s a short, sweet, EP of an LP, and Telephone Explosion advertised that the album is “best enjoyed while: being pleasantly high, making one last trek to the cottage, lamenting the oncoming cold, wearing shorts.”

With these images in mind (and wearing shorts), the album helped me evoke my favourite summertime teen shenanigans: skateboarding along the waterfront, jumping into a public swimming pool late at night, and shotgunning beers on a suburban street, which E P L P serves as the perfect soundtrack for. While the album has a relaxed feel, it’s true to TEENANGER’s style. Each song is blunt, yet bouncy, aggressive, but not overbearing. If a punk album can be smooth and harsh at the same time, it’s this one.

My favourite smooth-yet-harsh moments are: half way through the track “Twisted,” there is a really, really well-placed sax solo, “Sky Saxon” is a silly punk track, and “Mild Survival” is a hypnotic song with female vocals. “The Sequel” is mildly psychedelic, and my favourite by far.

So while we bid farewell to summer, we remember it through E P L P, which incorporates elements of “summer jam” punk rock, borrowing from psychedelic, garage, and surf.

E P L P is out on September 9th through Telephone Explosion (Listen here)

Top Tracks: “The Sequel”; “Sky Saxon”; “Hot Rods at the Loser Convention”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)