Review – “Aging Boy” – Little City

reviewed by Laura Stanley a0848927201_10

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since Little City was reviewed on the blog. Filled with a friendly folk-pop sound, the band’s debut EP, The Going and The Gone, was easy to fall in love with. Although the music style has largely remained similar as this debut offering, what is most apparent in Little City’s newest EP is the band’s lyrical maturation. With varying poignant  themes covered within, Aging Boy is an example of how a band can age gracefully.

Where Frances Miller was the primary singer in The Going and The Gone, in this candid three song output, Shaun Axani is the leader of Little City. With Miller’s voice, and others’, cropping up now and again and a full instrumental soundscape throughout, Little City clearly has some talented and versatile band members.   

Aging Boy is bookended with two quick-tempo, moveable track that summarize the vibrancy of the band. Despite its contrasting downtrodden lyrics, “I Was A Runner” matches this fast beat to a tee.

In an energetic final number, the boyhood tale of “Do You Believe” closes the EP off with a bang. Moving between Axani testing out a rougher timbre, a great verse sung by Miller with the standout line, “It’s an Abercrombian life at 16. He’s all alone except for the void on the other end of the phone,” and some fun group vocals towards the end, “Do You Believe” is a powerful collective. 

Clutched between these songs is the strongest emotional showing from the band so far. “Hospital Visits” starts off in a hushed guitar + piano + vocals combination before the rest of the band jumps in. Its lulling verses and chorus match the emotional pitches of the song while the horn inclusion at the end and the return of the hushed combination, let’s “Hospital Visits” drifts off into a fitting and reflexive unknown.

Little City’s Aging Boy shows a new side of this big band.

Top Track: “Hospital Visit”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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