Audible Hoots: Snoqualmie / Hawk and Steel, Mulligrub

Snoqualmie / Hawk and Steel Split 7

Part-time musician, part-time blog pal, and full-time beer and Attack in Black enthusiast Blake Enemark (Snoqualmie) has released a new single as part of a 7″ with the Victoria band Hawk and Steel. Featuring the steady band line-up of Dave Joseph, Adrian Vieni, and Ted Turner, “Fantôme Saison” (also the name of a Belgian brewery) appropriate tells the tale of troubled love and being “too hung over to sing” all in an upbeat rock style that feels much fuller than previous Snoqualmie material. On the other side, Hawk and Steel’s “Year After Year” burns much slower. A rich and melancholic tune, where “Fantôme Saison” may be a good song for your night out, “Year After Year” will be the perfect fit for the next day. Listen to both singles via Bellemare Records.

Mulligrub – “Canadian Classic”

Released ahead of their upcoming full-length record, the new single from Winnipeg pop-punk band Mulligrub is an energetic outpouring of lovesickness. In “Canadian Classic” lead singer Kelly Grub’s vocals oozes with bitterness and, dare I say, a swagger for fantastic results. Paired with the cover art depicting lawn chairs and plants that have seen too much summer sun, any nationalistic thoughts paired with the title “Canadian Classic” are thrown out. Put simply, make room for Mulligrub on your (sad) summer playlist.

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