Review – “Alvvays” – Alvvays

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Ahead of the official release of their debut album, Toronto-based band Alvvays took the internet by storm last week. In addition to being a subject of NPR’s First Listen, Alvvays played on Q much to the delight of the band members’ mothers. With a delicate balance of unrequited love songs and sickly-sweet pop hooks, this rise in attention is for good reason.

It almost seems too perfect that as I write this, lost somewhere in limbo between adolescence and adulthood and paired with the summer’s soaring temperatures, Alvvays’ self-titled record should come out. For many twenty-somethings, the age is coupled with immense uncertainties and difficult relationships. With one swift and charming lyric, Alvvays’ lead-singer Molly Rankin is able to validate these feelings with staggering accuracy: “too late to go out, too young to stay in.”

Alongside the powerhouse of hooks that is “Archie, Marry Me,” where this lyric resides, the title of the opening song, “Adult Diversion,” says plenty about twenty-something year old feelings as well. Its quick tempo and reckless sensibility matches the strength of lyrics like, “if I should fall/act as though it never happened/I will retreat and then go back to university,” for an anthem-like quality.

If you do not fall under this Millennial generation’s spell, fear not, you will not be left out of the joys that Alvvays brings. In a shroud of reverberation, plenty of guitar and lyrical riffs, and the charming vocals of Rankin, Alvvays provides the moveable pop songs you have been looking for this summer.   

Beginning with a quick riff from a slightly distorted guitar, “Next of Kin” depicts a pastoral scene skewed by a melancholic tale with a catchy chorus that will make you fall in love with this band. In another energetic and catchy romp, again highlighted by some nifty guitar sounds, “Atop a Cake” is ripe to take an adventure with. 

Where Rankin suggests to “seek comfort in debauchery” in the song “Party Police,” this summer you will always be able to seek comfort in Alvvays.

Top Tracks: “Archie, Marry Me”, “Next of Kin”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) + *swoop*


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