Visual/Audible Hoots: Holy Hum, Illitry, Dirty Frigs, Coronado

Holy Hum – The Unknown

This year, Andrew Lee of In Media Res formed a new creation, Holy Hum. Much like his previous work, Holy Hum appears to go for eerie, haunting material as showcased in a rather unusual form—rather than a single or music video, the band has debuted a 17-minute short film. It takes place in Anacortes, Washington, in The Unknown, a recording studio owned by Phil Elverum (Mt. Eerie). It’s a fitting place for the band—Lee has been heavily influenced by Mt. Eerie’s sound. The film gives little snippets of what can be expected from the band, but you can be sure you’ll hear more and more as the band gets closer to releasing an album.

Illitry – “Runaways”

Hamilton’s Illitry continue to drop a series of singles that really make us want a full album. The latest entry is “Runaways,” a song full of crystalline synths and Vocoder-aided vocals. Accompanying it is a black-and-white video, directed by Brooks Reynolds, that purports to be inspired by Quentin Tarantino. We follow two young women (sisters? friends?) who get into trouble before turning things around in a twist ending. Make sure to follow it to the end.

Dirty Frigs – “Osiris”

For a healthy dose of “what the fuck did I just watch?” look no further than this new video and single from Dirty Frigs. The video is a directorial collaboration by photographer Laura Lynn Petrick, Jenny Warne (Heretical Objects Collective) and Dirty Frigs’ own Bri Salmena. Prepare to be assaulted by creepy smiley faces, violently crushed food, VHS-era static and a whole bunch of unidentifiable images. It goes well with the grungy guitars and yelled vocals for a truly disorienting experience.

Coronado – “A Line We Never Drew”

give up nothing volume 1For a good time, call Coronado. Seriously, these guys are always a blast. A year-and-a-half or so after their Remain Calm EP they’re ready to release the Give Up Nothing EP Vol. 1 on July 19th. The first single, “A Line We Never Drew,” is signature Coronado—group vocals, funky keys and guitar and lively drumming for this pop-disco sparkler. If the entire EP is as good as this song, we’ll have a winner.

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