Review – “The Blistering Sun, the Pale Moon, Hahahaha” – Knots

reviewed by Laura Stanley a0259112961_10

Breathe in.

Calgary’s Neal Moignard (Knots) creates a daydreamers’ paradise with The Blistering Sun, the Pale Moon, Hahahaha.

The subtle yet complex, guitar driven soundscapes make for a backdrop perfect for some deep contemplation by both the listener and for Moignard himself. Loosely structured, Moignard’s lyrics have a prose quality to them. Each song feels as though you are wandering, fumbling, falling, and getting back up, along with Moignard. With all but one song registering over three minutes and vague songs titles such as “Oh Shit,” “Sigh,” and “Satiated,” each new track is like standing on the brink of the unknown awaiting to discover something new.      

A light and clear tingling of an electric guitar ushers in the sounds of happiness. Simple and fraught with emotion, “Happiness” is the force of the record. Moignard’s vocal are filled with a tone of youthfulness despite the pensive state of the lyrics, slightly quivering at the most enticing  spots.

With some more complex guitar work, a true staple of The Blistering Sun…,“Boulder Lies” introduces two important elements of the record: the edgy content of the lyrics, the line, “I’m hungry for your hands, not for you words,” is a standout, and the album’s tendency to stray into the experimental-folk category with a low reverberation lying in the background throughout “Boulder Lies.”

“Sigh” takes a dark turn, fitting given its name, constructing a gloomier soundscape with its tones of discontent; one which matches the following song, “Klaxon.” Rather a blackbird singing, Moignard sings of a “Klaxon calling in the dead of night” for another dark spell during this period of meditation. 

In contrast, the upbeat, “Woodsmoke” mixes an acoustic guitar with a similar electric guitar tone of “Happiness” for another star. The blisters made by the summer sun have since been picked and the disillusionment of the season has been fulfilled as the soft electronic drum beat makes for some unexpected movement and the fire you sit around goes out and “…then I take the woodsmoke.”        

To end The Blistering Sun…, “Peacedreams” collects all of the stray sonic elements of the record, what stands out here is soft chirping, inaudible lyrics drowned out in reverberation, for one final convergence of release.   

Breathe out. 

The  follow-up release (of sorts) White River of White Lies is also worth your ears + headspace!

Top Tracks: “Happiness,” “Woodsmoke” 

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) + *swoop*

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