Review – “Half-Brother” – Triangle & Seed

Reviewed by Jack Derricourt

triangle seed

I don’t even care that two songs does not make an EP — that’s a single my friend — the new tracks up on Soundcloud by Triangle & Seed are the best sultry R&B I’ve heard in a long time. Grayowl’s own Elena Gritzan has already waxed poetic about the Toronto group’s previous release, the Calgary EP, so it’s no surprise that the newest couplet of songs would delight our ears, here in Hootland. Named Half-Brotherthe EP is a tasting plate, pushing listeners towards the main course of material, set to be released later in the summer.

“Stay For Love” is a gorgeous declaration of commitment. Vocal harmonies that sound like woodwind instruments are eased through the footsteps of the song’s rhythm. The music lasts only two minutes, and seems all too short. But there’s a lot of heart in those two short minutes. The song never moves beyond its piano chords and drummed heartbeat, allowing the sentiment behind the title to remain purely stated within the music.

Part deux, “Gates Gully” has an atmosphere of loss, played out in yearning vocal lines and droning, choral synths. An intricate web of synth parts and another heartbeat drum section keep things eery until song’s end, when an almost News Program jingle of a coda takes over. I find it hard to place whether “Gates Gully” is very sad, or resignedly content, making it a challenging companion piece to “Stay For Love.” The two track EP is a shining star of a small release. You best listen to both of these songs, right away.

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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