Review – “So Long” – Glory Glory

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis a3119193041_2

There’s a decidedly polished sound to Glory Glory’s second EP, So Long. Although, since the Halifax band claims early, humble beginnings dating back to 2006 and boasts the mixing talents of Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, The Strokes), it should come as no surprise that the sound comes out clear and clean.

The band taps into their indie and new wave influences building on the joint synth and percussion experience of bandmates Adam Warren, Ryan Brown and Gavin Maclean. The overall effect is a punchy but dreamlike quality as Glory Glory croons with an ethereal quality over rhythmic drumming—leaving you torn between dancing or daydreaming.

The first song on the short, three-track EP luxuriates in this with the title “Take My Time.” With its recurring synth touches, the song sounds like a mix between Metronomy and Two Door Cinema Club—the kind of hazy, hypnotically repetitive beat with just a touch of dance that makes it impossible to resist.

The song transitions seamlessly into single “Indigo Son” through its mellow opener as “Take My Time” eases into its close. Far less poppy, “Indigo Son” engages more with the band’s indie elements as Warren lends a bit more weight to the vocals.

Final track “Everybody Lies” taps into a darker side with an industrial open and edgy, tinted vocals that make for an abrupt departure from the previous two tracks. Warren wails “Everybody lies sometimes/open up your eyes” while the band depends increasingly on the guitar and base instead of synths for a raw conflict that splits itself between anxiety and acceptance over the realities it’s confronting.

It’s hard to believe the EP could end so quickly, especially after the cold exit of “Everybody Lies” and there’s a beat when you expect another song to step in and once again change the pace. But having shown off their versatility within their genre, Glory Glory opts for short and sweet rather than wear out its welcome—and you can’t fault the band for choosing to leave you wanting more. It’s a game they have the talent to play.

Top Track: “Take My Time”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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