Review – “Seasons Inside EP (August)” – YouYourself&i

reviewed by Laura Stanley a1180251383_2

Montreal’s YouYourself&i welcomely pushed the envelope with the release of The Treacle Well last year. In a rush of blissful chaos, The Treacle Well mixed hushed folk-experimental songs with upbeat rock numbers and the occasional mess of noise all in both French and English. In volume two of their Seasons Inside EP series, the month of August finds YouYourself&i embracing their more quieter folk sound in a breath of warmth, suitably fitting the EP’s theme.

Beginning on a very strong note, “Allies” has a benevolent charm about it that makes for the perfect introduction to Seasons Inside EP (August). In a simple instrumental pairing of a picked guitar and the beat of a tambourine, YouYourself&i frontman Daniel Gélinas leads a choir of backing “ooo”-ers, for an excellent melancholic musing.    

As a child, the summer months are a time for your imagination to run wild. Free from the restraints of school, you are left to defend your homemade fort from outside (fantastical) intruders and the like – a fun childish sentiment that is captured in both the following song, “Spiders” and the EP’s fourth song, “Sharks.”

In the mythical realm of spider tales like those of Shelob and Aragog, YouYourself&i’s “Spiders” begins with the dusty body of a guitar before launching into an adventurous tale of its own. After one “spider smiles and says hello,” fighting both internal and possible external demons comes next in “Sharks.” Whether you are scared of the “black in your heart” or the “sharks on the shower curtain,” as the song demonstrates, it’s clear that Gélinas pushes his lyrical prowess to a new creative level in this EP.       

Seasons Inside EP (August)’s final song gestures towards the more experimental sides of YouYourself&i as found in The Treacle Well. As a very quiet number, “Strange Dance” creates an almost creepy feeling as the month of August, as captured by Gélinas, comes to a bit of an ominous ending.

Seasons Inside EP (August) marks another exciting chapter for YouYourself&i; a story you should be a part of. 

For another month’s adventures, Seasons Inside EP (July) is also available via Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Allies” 

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)  

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