Review – “Being Elastic” – Each Other

BeingElasticreviewed by Michael Thomas

I’ve listened to this record multiple times, and I still don’t feel like I’ve even scratched the surface of what Being Elastic is all about. This isn’t to say that the album is impenetrable—far from it. It just takes so many twists and turns that I couldn’t tell you where “Fine Time” ends and “High Noon in the Living Room” begins. Barely any songs retain a melody for too long before veering off into the wilderness.

And of course, this unpredictability is what makes this band so excited.

What kind of music does Each Other play? It’s a frenetically-paced trip through psychedelic pop, though still quite difficult to accurately describe. It’s something that just needs experiencing.

Here’s what you can (maybe) expect from a song on this album:

  • a blistering melody starting off a song, slowing down, then speeding up again
  • hazy, harmonized vocals
  • occasional flashes of lyrical brilliance

“Scared Witless Really” has a line that perfectly encompasses what the band is all about: “I’ve got my wrecking ball.” The band basically throws a wrecking ball at conventional structures with the same intensity of the now-defunct Calgary band Women.

A few songs in particular stand out due to their minimalism or intensity. “Seeing Doubles Dreaming Troubles” is a freaky,  doubly-disorienting tune with plays through a haze of guitars, and on top of that, it ends on a slow note which most avid listeners would not see coming. “Fine Times” is sheer creepiness with just one (or seemingly one) reverbed voice and a guitar starting it off before, as per usual, the song goes blazing fast.

Bass-loving listeners should take note of “About the Crowd,” while those loving unorthodox drumming should pay attention to “You or Any Other Thing” and “Relative Super Vision.”

My guess is that it will take many more lessons to completely absorb this record, and that’s fine by me. Being Elastic is now out on Lefse Records.

Top Tracks: “Fine Times”; “Seeing Doubles Dreaming Troubles”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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