Audible/Visual Hoots: Look Vibrant, By Divine Right and Buster Crabtree

Look Vibrant – Sweater in the Lake

The more I listened to “Sweater in the Lake” the more I liked it. Despite their obscure1st song sound, Look Vibrant has created a noisy, colourfully upbeat track that is reminiscent of a trip to a carnival on acid. For fans of are grittier harsh-pop sound, it is clear that Look Vibrant knows the musical direction they want to go in. That being said, the song itself frequently likes to change direction, as by the middle of the track the listener is taken to a new location, a new energy. If you’re looking for something different, the quirky energy of “Sweater in the Lake” is where you will find it.


By Divine Right – Past the Stars

When done right, a driving bass line can really change a song; it can really make it powerful. This is definitely the case for “Past the Stars” the new track from By Divine Right, the punchy combination of drum and bass throughout the song coupled with the screeching guitar sounds primes the listeners for the male and female vocal combinations that follow. Visually the video is a treat as well, as it mixes projected images to create an eerie fusion of the band members faces reflecting the vibe of the song itself.  Definitely worth more than a few listens, “Past the Stars” has all the right qualities a song needs to get stuck in your head.


Buster Crabtree – Sand Palmy Trees

“Sand Palmy Trees” is certainly a unique departure from the mainstream sound of Canadian indie music. Featuring an obscure fusion of big band inspired instrumentals and abstract imagery in its lyricism, Buster Crabtree succeeds in creating a song that is unique as the video that accompanies it. For anyone looking for an eclectic mix of modern and classic sounds, check out “Sand Palmy Trees”.

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