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reviewed by Laura Stanleya4262115431_2

The subtle and muted album art featuring two individuals with their hands clasped together invokes numerous feelings. Anxiety and hints of shyness are the most obvious; perhaps in a personal act of acknowledging their position as an afterthought as their band name suggests. Yet upon listening to the debut EP from the Edmonton folk-pop duo Post Script, none of these feelings emerge. Rather, two confident sounding musicians performing three obviously enjoyable songs are what take-over.

The duo, Paul Cournoyer and Steph Blais, do not fill their EP with anything unnecessary but instead stick to three simple components: an acoustic guitar, upright bass, and beautiful vocals showcased both separately and together.

In a quick farewell nod to home, the first song “Grande Prairie” immediately highlights the chemistry between Cournoyer and Blais while specifically emphasizing the unique vocal tone of Blais. Like that of other contemporary female folk singers, Johanna and Klara Söderberg of First Aid Kit or Charity Rose Thielen  from The Head and the Heart, Blais is talented with a vocal style that is able to engage listeners in an important way.

Though “Impossible” feels very similar to “Grande Prairie” musically, the sweet melody and emotional pitches of the song make it a standout. In a poignant personal reflection, the lines, “It seems impossible to me to find some kind of peace/Everyday the same routine/I wake up in the early morning wishing to see your face again,” are a particular highlight, “Impossible” brings a new energy to Post Script.

To make the EP that much sweeter, the finally song “La Feuille,” is a French number sung with a rich baritone by Cournoyer. With a dreamy haze that will take you to the French speaking city of your dream, Post Script ends on the same dulcet note that fills the EP as a whole.

Special shoutout to Birds of Canada for the recommendation. 

Top Track: “Impossible”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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