Review – ”All I See is Sun When I Look Up” – Home Movies

reviewed by Farah Barakat

Home Movies‘ sixth release is a stripped-down take on the band’s usual Art Pop style. Recorded mainly at home on 4-track and 8-track, the 13 song album is a more experimental work of art, a symbol of the band’s growing strength in its musicianship.

The album begins with an instrumental track. Two more instrumental breaks follow on track 5 and as a conclusion, both aptly titled, ”….”. The hiatus give off an impression of psychedelia within the bands musical style, which is only half true. HM’s most recent work alternates between methodical, math-rock tracks a la Built To Spill without any of the powerful electric guitar solos (title track, “All I See Is Sun When I Look Up”), and wholesome pop tracks (“Wild Oats”“Diana”).

One can hear the influences of mastermind Michael Milosh’s (on guitar and vocals) previous work with Canadian indie folk-rock sweethearts, By Divine Right and Timber Timbre. However, his music is constantly evolving to shape his uniqueness. There is a definite leap in a new lyrical direction and an infinitely more upbeat attitude to this album as opposed to previous Home Movies albums. Milosh opts for more wholesome lyrical structure and a deeper emphasis on creating some of the best pop hooks of the band’s career. This is when he’s not creating sweeping, intricate songs that focus more on the musicianship between him, Peter Shurtleff (bass) and Danny Juric (drums).

Their combined effort on this sixth release dabbles with Home Movies’ self-proclaimed love for Art Pop, yet holds something much deeper, musically.

Top Tracks: “Diana,” “Crab”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


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