Audible/Visual Hoots: Dave Rave and the Governors, Illitry, Dark Mean, The Wilderness of Manitoba, and Forest Moon

Dave Rave and the Governors – Wake Up

Simple, catchy and passionate, “Wake Up” is a song that reflects Dave Rave’s lengthy dave raveexperience in the Canadian music scene. It does so by using the smooth sound of bells and a killer guitar solo which allows “Wake Up” to show just how well Dave Rave and the Governors understand what elements are important in leaving a lasting musical impression. “It’s a not a sing along, it’s a wake up song” is sung, prompting the feeling of a song that is more than just a tune churned out for the sake of filling space on the record. “Wake Up” has emotion and feel, and leaves you with a strong emotional response. All of these elements make “Wake Up” worthy of a listen this week around.

Scott Orr – If I Am Wrong (Illitry Remix)

The original “If I Am Wrong” is a slow, emotional acoustic track that is complimented by illitryuthe slow heartbeat of a single drum, creating a very moving musical piece of art. Illitry harnesses this chilling energy and creates a well-produced soundscape that pulls the listener in to the ethereal and synthetic musical world they have created. What made the original so powerful was the minimalistic approach to the work, leaving one to wonder whether anything really needed to be added, however after finishing the remix I now know that is not the case. Illitry succeeds in capturing the energy of Orr’s work, but adds their own style to the track that retains the atmosphere of the song in a way that is completely original and a joy to listen to.

Dark Mean – Albatross

After a few year absence, Dark Mean is back from their self-described “hibernation” in which they travelled the world, started families, and quite clearly grew as people. As a result, their music has grown too. By using a combination of traditional guitar riffs and pumping bass with bright brass sounds, “Albatross” carries with it an optimistic feeling that infects the listener right from the get go. Clearly a sign of good things to come, “Albatross” captures the talent of Dark Mean, and should help tide fans over while they wait for Samuel The Phoenix their EP set for release February 25th.


The Wilderness of Manitoba – When You Go

“When You Go” is a perfect example of the appeal to calming relaxing music. Amanda Balsys’ vocals mix perfectly with the echo of the guitar and pads, that really help fill the track out while simultaneously creating a kind of open space for the song to take you away to. Right from the start, “When You Go” opens with a slick guitar line that sets the tone of the song as a track exploring the human elements of distance and the bonds people have with one another. The video channels these human elements, and pairs well with the forest atmosphere the song produces. Worthy of a listen, “When You Go” proves that The Wilderness of Manitoba is definitely moving in a very exciting direction with their music.


Forest Moon – Lakes of Air

This week sure seems to have an earthy element to the songs we have featured, and Forest Moon is no different. Paired with a strong vocal line, “Lakes of Air” to me is reminiscent of a fusion between Bon Iver, and Mumford and Sons, all while showcasing beautiful harmonies. As the song moves forward the energy continues to build, pairing well with the humanistic elements of the video, which showcases the bonds one can have with their loved ones. Alongside the stories of love the video explores, Tom Meikle the man behind every element of the track, is included simply by playing guitar, which only adds to the simple style of the song. In doing so, the bond he has with the music is clear and allows the message of the video to really hit home. Catchy and fun, while equally moving, “Lakes of Air” shows Forest Moon already holds an important place in the Canadian music scene.

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