Review – “Lonely Star” – Sing Leaf

lonelyreviewed by Elena Gritzan

The cover of the new Sing Leaf EP is almost exactly the same as last year’s Watery Moon album – sharing font, lines, and a spherical planetary body in the background – but the small variations make it clear that their sound has evolved since then. This time, the colours are warm and the extraterrestrial body being dealt with is the Sun, and this translates into more electronic-driven feel-good songs than the cool, sad emotions of the previous album.

Yet the main thematic core is still there. Watery Moon used the lunar body to say that everyone suffers from loneliness, and the continuation of that theme into this EP drives it home even further. If both the Moon and the Sun feel alone, it makes sense that we all do also from time to time.

The EP is made up of three new songs and four remixes of Watery Moon songs from some highly accomplished artists – johnny_ripper, Bad Channels, Sandro Perri, and RLMDL. They change the songs in various ways, but the prevailing theme seems to be introducing distortion, mixing together elements from more than one song, playing with tempos, and introducing more beat-driven synthesizers.

The introduction of steadier beats even makes its way into the original songs, especially in the dance-oriented instrumental “Navajo Missile.” Yet the EP on whole still sounds very much like the Sing Leaf we know and love, with nature imagery (lots of birds this time around), emotive vocals, and sweet melodies.

Lonely Star officially comes out tomorrow, and you would be wise to give it a concentrated listen.

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

Top Tracks: “Same Old Satellite (johnny_ripper Remix)”, “Lonely Star”

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