Most People’s Top Canadian Records of 2013

Fresh Snow
Fresh Snow

Most People are one of our favourite bands. They captured our hearts with their live show around Toronto and the playful atmospheric pop of their debut record has our full support. We asked Brandon Gibson-DeGroote and Paul McEachern to share the Canadian albums that reached the top of their favourites list this year.

Blue Hawaii – Untogether

This album is everything electronic music should be. Its a beautiful, rich eclectic album that pulls fruit from every tree in the electronic genre both past and present.

A Tribe called Red- Nation II Nation

This album is a game changer. We love their music and their politics. This guys exploded and its been so exciting to watch it happen! The only dub-step we listen to is pow-wow step!

Hush Pup – Darlene

From the moment we saw these cats live we couldn’t wait to hear it in the comfort of our own home.  This 3 song work of art drifts into you ears like beautiful dream. If Kate Bush heard it, she would be stupid jealous.

CFCF – Outside

We quit music. This is too good. He must be an alien.

Fresh Snow – Fresh Snow

Post post post post rock geniuses. If you listen to this on computer speakers, we will slap you.  Go into a dark room, put on some big headphones, let Fresh Snow beat the shit out of you for a while, and then let them bake you cookies and hot chocolate.

Rhye – Woman

This is just incredible, dynamic melodic ear butter. Its got some vibes we haven’t heard for two decades. Rock is dead and good riddance.

Drake- Nothing Was The Same

This is a fun album. The single ‘Hold on, We’re going home’ gets us bopping our heads every time.

Austra – Olympia

What an incredible follow up to Feel it Break. She turned up the disco and it really works well agains her dark operatic voice. Each track is written, orchestrated and produced so well. A Treat from front to back that never gets boring.

DianaPerpetual Surrender

This whole album is a nostalgic journey through everything we’ve ever loved about music.

Paradise Animals – “Tea Guide/Day Fort”

Its only a two song little guy, but we had to include it.  These two songs mark a more evolved, bigger, hookier, dancier Paradise Animals, and we love it!

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