snoqualmie’s Top 10 Canadian Albums of 2013 (and one from 2012)

Daniel Romano
Daniel Romano

Our friends snoqualmie (in all of their lower-case glory) have graciously offered up their top 10 Canadian albums of the year list to us for the second year in a row. Joining Blake Enemark this year is the band’s current lineup: Dave Joseph, Adrian Vieni, and Ted Turner.

Their list (in no specific order) is as follows:

daniel romano – come cry with me

this collection of brilliantly produced classic country tunes is tiding me over until the unreleased attack in black record sees the light of day.  (blake)

ben arsenault – grand forks EP

like dan, ben is an urban cowboy writing sensitive country songs with a soft spot for the bakersfield sound.  a supremely up and coming songwriter… seriously, check him out. (blake)

boreal sons – threadbare

the long awaited dynamic and engaging LP from calgary’s nicest guys.  huge lush production and jaw dropping musicianship.  (blake)

the wicks – the good times are gone

dark and demented alt-country from the bottom of the heart.  creepy and triumphant. (blake)

northcote – northcote

if you are in need of strong, honest and powerful songs/songwriting, this is a record you need to listen to.  matt’s vocal styling is undeniable and will pick you up out of anywhere you may feel stuck.  the songs live in a space of their own, and you should go find it.  (ted)

the weather station – duets series

tamara lindeman joins you’ve changed records label-mates daniel romano, ian kehoe, and steve lambke on two songs a piece wherein she spreads her gorgeous songwriting across these three distinct voices.  all three duets are vastly different but are tied together by tamara’s hauntingly stunning voice.  (ted)

the darcys – warring

on their sophomore effort, the darcys have really found their voice.  their way of layering on numerous luscious textures alongside shrieking guitars, soft piano, falsetto vocals, and pulsing drum beats sounds like an odd combination on paper, but results in a sound unlike anything you’ve heard.  the album opener “close to me” starts of soft and builds into to a total wall of sound, and the rest of the record follows suit; dark brooding tunes like “the pacific theatre” and “lost dogfights” are balanced out perfectly by the more upbeat, radio-friendly horses fell, 747s and pretty girls.  this unique style and sets the darcys apart from their contemporaries, and “warring” solidifies them as one of the best new bands in canada.  (adrian)

hannah georgas – s/t

what stands out for me first and foremost are hannah’s haunting vocals- each line flows out with such precision, yet seems so effortless at the same time.  the record’s heavily synth-based instrumentation creates a dreamy platform that hannah’s vocals get to almost float across so perfectly.  the mix of masterfully crafted pop tunes and ballads provide something for everyone- but for the adventurous, check out the newly released itunes session, featuring some choice cuts from “hannah georgas,” as well as a cover of rhianna’s “stay” that puts riri to shame.  (adrian)

we are the city – violent


shad – flying colours 


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