Review – “Dirt Salad Mix/Old Pond EP” – The Mighty Weather

dirt salad mixreviewed by Michael Thomas

Kory Pletz, the man behind the Mighty Weather moniker, continues to stretch the boundaries of his project since we last checked in on his undefinable brand of instrumental tunes. His London EP, and in fact all of his music, has a fairly unique way of coming about. Usually Pletz will write a song on an instrument like a guitar or banjo and then adapt that into an electronic piece.

Last month Pletz dropped two new Mighty Weather releases, one a 14-minute mix and the other a three-track EP. Together they make for an interesting trip through an ever-shifting maelstrom of musical styles.

The Dirt Salad Mix is, as might be expected by its name, never the same for very long. It varies from glitchy to smooth, from heavy to light, from frantic to joyous, and everything in between. Particular highlights come slightly before the eight-minute mark, where the music takes on a chiptune-like quality, and the mix comes to an absolutely triumphant end with the beats of the last two minutes, featuring synths that sound like steel drums. If it were just 14 minutes of that, it would be pretty incredible.

old pond epThe Old Pond EP, meanwhile, is contained in three separate pieces, each with their own separate flavours. “Old Pond” starts thing off on a heavy, industrial note. The synths almost mimic the sound of grinding gears, making the piece fairly claustrophobic. Interestingly, there are little twinkles perceptible in the background, as if to offset the fury. “Footprints” in comparison doesn’t feel as heavy, but it’s certainly pretty frantic thanks to the scratchy drum machine.

“Acts of Autotrophy” rounds out the EP and is also its highlight. It begins with ominous-sounding synths before bursting into something much bigger than it seemed capable of becoming.

Kory Pletz’s IDM explorations continue to fascinate, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what the next piece from The Mighty Weather will sound like.

Top Track: “Acts of Autotrophy”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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