Laura’s Top 5 EPs of 2013


by Laura Stanley 

Lists! Opinions! Music!

AroarA – AroarA 

AroarA’s self-titled EP and precursor to their debut full-length record In The Pines, also released this year, is all of the strength of their LP compressed into five standout songs. The songs from the EP, which has also has been referred to as the In The Pines – EP, from the husband and wife duo made up of Andrew Whiteman (Broken Social Scene/Apostle of Hustle) and Ariel Engle, are in fact the five missing songs from the full-length if you take note of the song titles’ number sequence. In a blend of rock, pop, folk, and varying sounds that make for a very hearty listening atmosphere, AroarA is a powerhouse.

Brock Tyler – Summer Moon

Brock Tyler has been on my list of musicians I repeatedly go back to when the mood is right. It was with Summer Moon in particular though that pushed Tyler from a musician you should hear to a musician you NEED to hear. His rich vocal tones and gentle folk-y style are an obvious plus but his ability to make a melodious dream is something else.


As the blog’s summer soundtrack and band crush, HIGHS’ debut EP is an exciting releases from one of the most exciting new acts in music this year. With their five songs in a delicious, catchy, and fun, indie-pop style, HIGHS will have you uncontrollably grinning with every new listen.

Jeans Boots – Z0RG C1TY

Sweet vocal tones, grungy pop-rock hooks, and general badassery lead by Jeanette Stewart are the inhabitants of Z0RG C1TY. Four quick tracks on love and loss, Jeans Boots takes you places. “Asshole,” in particularly, is so my jam. For more of my feelings on Jeans Boots, please read my review over on Weird Canada.

So Young – Secrets 

In the dynamic debut EP from London, Ontario band So Young, you can expect: catchy rock music tinged with poppy hooks and more than enough heart behind the lyrics to fill in the rest. For So Young, Secrets is a big reveal.

Want a quick taste of both So Young and Jeans Boots? They released a split 7″ together in the summer that is sure to convince you of the power of both acts.

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