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STACEYreviewed by Michael Thomas

It’s always refreshing to hear music stripped to its essence as a main form of musical production. Too often we’ll hear a band put out a huge, production-heavy album, shortly followed by an “unplugged” or “acoustic” EP. To strip the music of STACEY down any more would be nearly impossible.

STACEY’s self-titled EP keeps it simple, in other words. The entirety of the EP is just her voice, a piano, reverb and very subtle synths. The formula doesn’t change, but the EP manages to stay compelling thanks to its other main ingredient—STACEY doesn’t shy away from being plain with her words. There are no metaphors or literary devices to hind behind; if she’s singing about youthful love, she sings it like it is.

The EP was produced by Alex Bonenfant, who has previously worked with Crystal Castles and METZ, so it’s nice to see his touch works just as well on a quiet record as it does on a busy one.

The EP begins with “Worst Part,” the first single, and a good introduction to what she’s all about. “But the worst part is wanting more,” she sings, and it’s something we can all relate to in a romantic relationship. “Sleep Alone” looks fondly on the past, particularly a youthful romance, but the tone of the song makes it a lot more bittersweet.

“Share” starts with a pretty simple sentiment of not being able to kiss someone, and that initial feeling of being in love with someone. “To each other we were unexpected,” she says at one point in the song. “Calling Me” again keeps it simple, beginning with the lyrics “You’ve been calling me, calling me/I’ve been wanting you, wanting you.”

Finally there’s “All To Myself,” which manages to be even more melodic than the other four songs, with more drawn-out vocals.

This EP is a simple but effective meditation on love, but fair warning: don’t listen to this music when you’re already sad, because you might end up a weeping mess by the end of it.

STACEY will be available this Thursday, December 5, with a CD release show at Measure.

Top Track: “Sleep Alone”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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