Audible/Visual Hoots: December 2nd Roundup

Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party – “Wickedness”

The twangy guitars of “Wickedness” pair perfectly with the gambling, drinking and murder in the video, making Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party’s new single an interesting watch, and listen. What makes it even better is the contrasting vocal lines between male and female vocals, which only adds to the underlying tension that the song provides. By the time the listener is finished, an image of a sinful smoky bar is hard pressed into the listeners mind, and if that isn’t a sign of a tight, well-produced song then what is?

Redanda – “She’s In My Car”

With some of the strangest percussion choices I’ve heard in quite a long time, “She’s In My REDANDAthe bass line really stands out and drives the song in a great direction. Amidst the coarse drums, vocals, and guitars the bass cleans the song up a bit and helps ground it in exactly the way it should. The chorus is fun, and is reminiscent of classic Chuck Berry-esque songs about women, cars and freedom, and made it hard for me to not be nostalgic for some of my favourite high school moments.

The Willow-Wren – “Shifty Eyes”

“Shifty Eyes” from Sudbury’s The Willow-Wren is an upbeat, pumping song full of energywillowwren and passion. Opening with a banjo intro, I wasn’t expecting the heavy beat that soon followed, but it was a nice surprise. With simple, but powerful percussion that pushes the song forward, “Shifty Eyes” has a kind of frantic energy that fits the time-based lyrics perfectly. Also – if I’m not mistaken – there is a banjo solo, so that deserves points on its own.

Sundays – “Delicate”

“Strong but delicate “doesn’t just make a good name for a song, it also is a great description of Sundays’ sound in their new song “Delicate.” The decision to use only a single drum machine sound with a ton of reverb helps the powerful voice leading the song stand out, and is a great choice. In fact, everything about the production of the song really helps to create the atmosphere needed for a song like this, and makes it something super relaxing to listen to. I can’t help but say that everything about this song just screams “slow jam.”

Evening Hymns – Cabin in the Burn

First off, the video for “Cabin in the Burn” not only perfectly fits the song, it also uses some really interesting visual effects to reflect the atmosphere that Evening Hymns creates. However, the video is not the only cool piece of work, as the slow-building, powerful boom of the percussion pushes the song towards its eventually multi-instrumental chorus. The chilling vocals, and atmosphere the instruments create really help to add emotion into the song itself. All this and more are what makes “Cabin in the Burn” something special to listen to, and awesome to watch.

Bonnie Trash – “Edith”

With a heavy grunge sound, “Edith” the latest track from the Toronto/Guelph band Bonnie Bonnie TrashTrash is edgy, and powerful. The simple guitar riff helps build up the songs soon potent energy, and the female vocals help shake up the rough sound in an interesting way. “Edith” is rough, loud, and full of energy, and should be a welcome treat to anyone who is looking for something with a little more passion. But, really if you want to see what I mean, just give the track a listen because as the song says “is there a point to this conversation? Or are you just talking for the sake of talking.”

Mu – “Mysteries of Love”

Mu, the female electronic duo has just made themselves a new fan. Their latest track “Mysteries of Love” a cover of the Lynch & Badalamenti original is an ambient, smooth sounding electronic dream that takes you away to a strange new world. This wouldn’t’t be possible if the two didn’t have such strong voices that fit their genre perfectly, and achieve exactly what Mu set out to do. The sound is colourful, creative and comforting, all qualities that complement the slow ballet shown in the music video. All of this and more is coming following the New Year when Mu is set to release their first EP. If you’re looking to kick back, relax and drift off, Mu is the place to start.

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