Review – “It All Glows EP” – Delta Will

it all glowsreviewed by Michael Thomas

The intergalactic entity known to us humans as Delta Will has not been on Earth long, but he has already released his second EP this year alone, and the It All Glows EP sees the blues-inspired music on Transcendental Visit elevated to a new level.

Much like the title suggests, this new EP glows. One might even say it radiates. There’s an added sense of warmth, from the beautiful title track to the intimate but ghostly closing number.

“It All Glows” starts off the EP with a flurry of drums and warm guitar picking. The addition of local Toronto earthling Lowell Whitty on drums provides new possibilities for Delta Will as a unit, and it shows here. It may be one of Delta Will’s catchiest songs to date, with its two guitar lines and dynamic drums. The subject matter is interesting to note too—this could almost be a love letter to Earth from Delta Will himself.

Where “It All Glows” is Delta Will at his catchiest, “While We’re Here (It Won’t Last)” shows him at his densest. The song begins off with a guitar and a little background noise, but it quickly balloons, adding more guitars, Whitty’s powerful drums, atmospheric vocal “ooh’s” and so much more.

The instrumental “Space Throws” (which we premiered earlier) provides some breathing room after the intensity of the previous track. It’s also a pleasant build, and is just an overall feel-good number that will undoubtedly cause some major head-bobbing and/or grooving.

Finally, the EP concludes with the emotional “Holy Ghost,” which simplifies the instruments a little but is no less powerful. It’s (at least at first) a simple acoustic ode, but the addition of delay on the main vocals and some ghostly-sounding backup vocals give this a simultaneously eerie and warm vibe.

As Delta Will spends more and more time on Earth, his music will undoubtedly keep expanding and morphing, but at the rate his music is going, it will always have its own niche.

Top Track: “It All Glows”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


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