Audible/Visual Hoots roundup: November 18, 2013

Christine Leakey – “My Heart Has Been Broken By One Unfit To Name”

When you first listen to “My Heart Has Been Broken By One Unfit To Name” it is clear just how well the eerie sound of Christine Leakey’s voice pairs with the dissonant minor chords and melodies you find as you listen through her latest track. Complementing the song’s ominous mood is the equally spooky music video. In particular, the use of footage from the UK film “Where the Dogs Divide Her”, only makes the feel of the song that much more chilling. Fans of horror and macabre will love the sound Leakey has created, as it truly leaves the listener in the mood for something frightening. Don’t worry, that feeling isn’t’ limited to just this one track, as Leakey is set to release a 7″ album near late December, that is available for pre-order here.

Scott Nicks Band – “My World As Something New (State of Mind)”

“My World as Something New (State of Mind)”, Scott Nicks Band’s latest single is without a doubt the definition of easy-listening music. The Imagesmooth guitars and harmonies roll back and forth across a very calming melody, leaving the listener calm and relaxed. Even the fade out of the song at the end makes it feel as if the song was almost a happy day dream in an otherwise grueling day. With all this in mind, when you take a look at the title of the song, it is clear that the intent to shift ones state of mind was there from the beginning, and Scott Nicks Band definitely accomplishes that.

The Nursery – “This Wild Heart”

Much like the song itself, the video for The Nursery’s “This Wild Heart” brings together contrasting artistic elements to create a unique package. Juxtaposed footage featuring wild and vibrant colours against a rather sombre black and white video showcasing the band and its respective talent draws interesting parallels to the modern and traditional elements in the song.  In fact, despite the film-noir element of the black and white section, the footage actually contains many more modern elements than that of the dance, such as its funky synths, and modern guitar sounds. The result is a video that is as eclectic as the song, and is worthy of a listen.

Rival Boys – “I’ll Believe In Anything” (Wolf Parade Cover)

Right away the differences between the original Wolf Parade “I’ll Believe In Anything” and the newly released version by Rival Boys are quite striking. Featuring two singers, theRival Boys Rival Boys help bring the song down to a more serious and simpler form. The contrast between the female vocals of Lee Rose and Graeme Rose create a different kind of an energy; combined with a simpler drum beat and a strong backing string track, Rival Boys make “I’ll Believe In Anything” its own. Upon finishing, “I’ll Believe In Anything” is something that I legitimately enjoyed, weaving together both the best elements of the original, and the talents of Rival Boys themselves.

Illitry – “Kingdom Perverted”

Rhythmically “Kingdom Perverted” the latest single from Illitry, the ImageCanadian duo from Hamilton Ontario is quite fascinating. Rarely in this digital age do you find a song that features much more analog sounding drums juxtaposed against distinctly electronic backing synths. This combined with the distinct vocal effects, provides a track that sets itself apart from most modern music today. Thankfully, it is these vocals that tie everything together, creating a song that as the band describes, would appeal to fans of Bjork, Radiohead, and Sigur Ros.

Swim Good – “sandviken”

Something about “sandviken” just feels very familiar – in a good way. Right as you press play, the slow build-up of piano, drums, andImage a simple pad sound all help put you in the mood for something special. “sandviken” delivers, slowly adding more and more instruments along the way, succeeding in building musical tension that many bands try and fail. Everything about this song is fairly straight forward, but you wouldn’t want it any other way. The chorus, lyrics, and vocals all tie it together, leaving the listener asking for more.

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