One-on-One with Delta Will

delta willby Michael Thomas

After speaking with Charles Tilden several months ago, it was high time to speak to the intergalactic presence that plays music through him. Though speaking with Delta Will in person wasn’t possible (Delta Will is quite an elusive figure), we were able to do a quick Q & A.

1) Tell me about your home planet.

I can’t tell you much. I’d really like to, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy about things related to my planet.

2) Why did you decide to go to Earth?

I was sent here on a mission to study all life on Earth. Humans in particular, since they have an innate knack for creating things, then destroying them or neglecting them over time.

3) What were your first impressions?

Earth is a much more beautiful place than I imagined. Colours and sounds are much brighter and full of definition, compared to back home. Once I was able to borrow Charles Tilden’s human body to experience human being-ness, it was a feast for those senses.

4) Have your thoughts on our planet changed since you arrived?

From what we knew back home, it seemed like Planet Earth and its humans were doomed. Now that I’ve lived here for a little while, I have hope that good things can still be salvaged…or at least, that there are good things to salvage.

5) Is making music on Earth different than on your planet?

Music is not made on my planet. Sounds are heard but not used for sake of communication or art….I’ve already said too much.

6) What happens when you put on your special glasses?

I am able to see the world through those golden specs. They are like my window onto the world. It’s also a useful way to distinguish myself from Charles Tilden. You should try them on sometime and imagine what it’s like to be on Earth for the first time.

7) Do you feel like an honourary human yet?
Some human friends of mine approved this designation recently. It is truly an honour to be named an honourary human (cdn spelling). I will do my best to uphold as many of your customs as possible, though I can’t promise that I won’t forget from time to time.

See Delta Will, along with Snoqualmie and Christian Hansen (the latter two are not aliens, so far as we know) at Handlebar on Sunday, September 29 as part of the latest Crosswires/Grayowl Point collaboration. For more information, check out the Facebook event.

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