Review – West Goast – “Late Summer”

westgoastreviewed by Elena Gritzan

We’ve been comparing music to the seasons a lot recently on the blog. The feeling of impending fall and the feeling of a new beginning that come with it is expressed often in music, even though the weather outside right now is uncharacteristically hot for September. The leaves are changing, but heat waves still dance above the pavement. It’s late summer, after all, and Victoria’s West Goast characterize the atmosphere well in their EP of the same name.

It starts as off-kilter folk, with a leisurely guitar strum and breathy vocals. As the songs progress, though, electronic elements weave their way in. “Waiting for You” starts with a slow ringing drone, introduces a plucked folky melody and moves into bass pops and percussion taps. The album is full of interesting combinations, combining new and old much like the transition period between seasons.

The vocals are a striking element, with a range including spoken word declarations, warbly intonation, and exaggerated deep tones. It’s as if the singer is affecting various characters to provide interest, and it definitely succeeds at peaking the listener’s ear.

By the end of the five-song release, the production slides into a lo-fi and hazy version of what came before, acting as one last reminder of shimmery midsummer heat.

We don’t know much about this band from the other side of the country, but Late Summer’s exercise in contradictions is sure to warm a few hearts.

Top Tracks: “Waiting for You”, “Grunder Grover”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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