Review – “The Coast//Bad News” – Lucas Hicks

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis a0294673259_2

One of the perks of writing for Grayowl Point is how much great music gets sent my way—but I’ll be honest, only a handful ever makes it into my iPod rotation. Lucas Hicks’ Slower was one of those rare albums.

Hicks is back with a two-song EP, The Coast//Bad News that doesn’t disappoint (except in length—I would happily go for a full-length album from him).

“The Coast” is an obvious evolution out of Slower. Hicks has kept his unique, slightly distorted vocals along with his almost laid-back approach to singing. However, the overall quality of the recording sounds much cleaner and crisper, which really shows off the music.

If “The Coast” is the upbeat song of the pair, “Bad News” is predictably a bit more melodramatic. Hicks’ pop rock inclinations keep it from getting two dark, and again the drastic improvements to the recording quality are only good news for this track and the EP.

If The Coast//Bad News is a pit stop along Hicks musical journey, it’s obvious he’s heading in the right direction. He’s managed to maintain his unique vocals, but cleaned things up enough to highlight the music. The EP is more on the rock side of pop, but there’s enough pep there to show that Hicks hasn’t wandered too far away from his debut sound.

Top Track: “The Coast”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) + *swoop*


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