Another Visual/Audible Hoots roundup

It’s been a big week for track and video submissions, apparently, so here’s a bunch more stuff we got recently.

Bass Lions- “Body Doubles”

A very interesting concept at work here—rather than record a track and make a music video, Bass Lions worked with Thomas van der Zaag to create a music video and track simultaneously. Apparently Bass Lions would see rough video footage, and van der Zaag would hear rough audio recordings while on set. The result is actually quite the catchy tune and a music video that catches the tops of two peoples’ (body doubles’?) heads.

the last sunThe Last Sun- “Such a Fan”

If you’re looking for some new, fun, and catchy rock you’ve come to the right, er, track. The Last Sun is the project of Dave Nugent, a guitarist with the Sam Roberts Band. “Such a Fan” features some surprising falsetto, a pretty tasty guitar riff and a beat that will make you groove. A guitar hasn’t sounded this exciting in some time.

Clara & the Sky- “Blind Faith”

Click here to stream this track

Another very intriguing email—Clara Olsen, a singer-songwriter from Montreal, wants to enhance people by sending positive vibes into the universe in a light (but not superficial, she stresses) way. “Blind Faith” is the first track from her upcoming album Lighter and it’s got a bit of an orchestral-pop vibe with its string section in the background of her guitar picking. There’s also some nice upbeat, hand-clap-filled sections.

deep joyExpwy- “Scraping blue terra cotta (Waterloo cannibals)”

Goddamnit, Expwy. Stop being so good at what you do! Enjoy another killer powerpop single, likely the last you’ll hear until the full album comes out in the fall.

Atom & the Volumes- “Worry Bout Love”

This is pretty sweet, in the “awww” sense of the word—the Borins family is very much the definition of a musical family. Marc Borins’ dad, Mel Borins, recorded “Worry Bout Love” 20 years ago, and now Marc’s band has re-recorded  the loving cover. It’s got an old-timey feel to it, a little, but it totally wouldn’t be out of place in the Atom & the Volumes catalogue.

i am an exitBorn Gold- “Hunger”

Okay, we didn’t get an email about this one, but it’s worth posting about. While Little Sleepwalker got a lot of love from this blog, it was a polarizing record. If “Hunger” is any indication, there should be a lot of love for I Am An Exit, Born Gold’s new album out October 8. Cecil Frena’s manipulated but soaring vocals support some percussive and danceable beats. Killer.

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