Audible/Visual Hoot roundup

We’ve been slacking on posting tracks and videos lately, so here’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s been on our radar/submitted to us.

Paradise Animals- “Tea Guide”

Couldn’t be happier to finally be able to talk about new Paradise Animals stuff, returning with a new song, a new video, and even a new sound. Since morphing into the rock-solid three piece the band is now, Paradise Animals has found a groove and quite a bit of passion. Mark Andrade’s deep voice shows a huge range in this very colourful video by Live Action Fezz. The trio should have more music coming out soon- rumour has it the next one will be “Day Fort,” their crazy song inspired by a dream Andrade had.

Blocktreat- “Guitalellotine”

guitalellotineIt’s been a while since we’ve featured Blocktreat, who was featured with a colourful, psychedelic video. There’s now a new track called “Guitalellotine” which starts off with a very pretty sequence of guitar picking. This continues for a while until an electronic beat that sounds like a metronome comes in to add an extra dimension of fuzz.

Flamingo Bay- “Serpentine/Bleed”

loco ponyWith a new album, Loco Pony, set to drop in September, this Hamilton rock band is putting out two songs from the album to whet appetites. The Hammer just seems to be turning out more and more rock bands, it seems, and that is an awesome thing to hear. The first track, “Serpentine,” features heavy guitar and bass in what can best be described as a Hollerado song given a heavier rock makeover. “Bleed” is a longer song at a little over five minutes and is a bit of a shapeshifter. It keeps the energy constant, but the rhythm changes a few times throughout. The reverbed vocals give the song an especially psychedelic feel.

Expwy- “In her hand, her trembling love”

deep joyExpwy is another act that should need no introduction on the blog. Matt LeGroulx is a prolific guy, and he’s got a power pop record as Expwy coming out in the fall. As a preview, he last month released a new track featuring fuzzy electric guitar and a refreshing backing of drums. Expwy has this unique ability to shift in tone and style from release to release but still be recognizable, and if this song is any indication, we can expect some kickass power pop when the album comes out this fall.

First Rate People- “Dark Age”

dark ageJon Lawless may be making lots of tunes on the side with Mary Cassidy, but that doesn’t mean he’s neglected his band First Rate People. They just last month released the deceptively-titled “Dark Age,” which is a super sunny synth-pop grand slam of a song. “There are alternate ways to see it, if you mean it, I wouldn’t hurt anyone younger than me” says the chorus, and it’s a song that will stick in your head. The song takes a huge 180 after three minutes, though, as the song morphs into a folk song complete with vocal harmonies sung in a round and a simple acoustic backing. Absolutely incredible work.

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