A few days left to pledge for “A Matter of Time”

kathryn calderKathryn Calder should be a familiar name to Canadian music fans. She’s part of the force that is the New Pornographers, and she’s since released two solo albums.

Her connections to the New Pornographers run deeper than just playing in the band; Carl Newman is actually her uncle, which she found out after her mother, who was adopted, found her birth family.

While this was a happy time for Calder, some horrible news struck her family when she found out that her mother was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). ALS attacks neurons in the brain and gradually takes away the host’s ability to walk, talk and feed themselves.

It was then that Calder moved in with her mother to become her caregiver, and it was also then that Calder decided to record her first solo album as a gift to her mother.

Calder has teamed up with the Yellow Bird Project to put together A Matter of Time, a documentary which will chronicle Calder’s recording of the first album and her dealing with her ailing mother. It’s very likely going to be a documentary that will tug at the heart strings.

The film is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign; happily, the film has already reached its $50,000 goal. But at the time of writing, with four days left to pledge, the film is just a little over $3,000 shy of its stretch goal, which will help it with film festival submissions, outreach and more. Perks for pledgers include everything from the film’s digital soundtrack to a Yellow Bird Project onesie.

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