Review – “Melodion” – SLIGHT

reviewed by J. Francis

SLIGHT is very good at assessing itself.

They describe themselves as a mix of “psych-pop krautrock and swirling harmonies”. This is more or less on the money.

The Bandcamp page for their new EP Melodion states “this hifi stereo recording is meant to be played loud”. This is also correct. Playing it loud certainly does feel good. Smart advice.

“Paths” is propulsion-rock. It swirls. It whirls. It is the highlight of an all-too-brief record. It will lull you into a lazy-ass daze. Paradoxically, it will also make you want to get up and move – steadily, and with great purpose. Speaking from personal experience, most often the song will end before you’ve made up your mind.

“The Freakwave” sounds like Red House Painters if they ever made a response record to Magical Mystery Tour. If you and I have anything in common, you will be shocked to discover just how badly you’ve been wanting for this your whole life.

“Edison”’s sleepy disposition will deceive you. Eventually its restless shuffle will get you. You will lurch to its shifting weight in time.

It all ends very unceremoniously, on a too-quickly-decayed note.

You’re gonna wanna give that another run-through.

It’s okay if you fall asleep.

Melodion is available on Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Paths”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


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