Review- “Yeti Sounds”- Wind Up Radio Sessions

yeti soundsreviewed by Michael

It seems like barely any time has passed since Bird Eyes came into the world—in fact it’s just over a year ago now. Montreal band Wind Up Radio Sessions are quickly following it up with another nature-inspired recording title, though this time opting to go with the name of a supernatural creature.

I don’t even remember making this criticism of their previous recording, but apparently I said that I was hoping for more vocals and less instrumental jams on their last recording. On Yeti Sounds, the band does just that, and it seems like they’ve now found some real consistency in their sound. The band has some seriously great vocal harmonies which shine through on a couple of the EP’s tracks, but their backing instrumentals never take a back seat either.

In “Haystack” you’ll hear some pretty solid guitar jamming for a large part of the song, and there it feels very natural. The song actually starts with the guitar fairly muffled, but with clear vocals over top. “More Men Came” also features some fairly noteworthy instrumentals, with its echoing guitar and occasional swells of organ.

Opener “Diane” is a nice intro to a more focused band, and it’s a song full of loving statements compounded by the same stalker-ish creepiness a la the Police’s “Every Breath You Take.” With rasping vocals, you’re hear lines like “Diane, you make the best desserts/I’ll watch you at your window.” More great vocals about in “Relic of a Man,” a simply-tuned and simply-worded song that will surprise the listener with some great group vocals.

Later on, “Waiting on a Letter” takes on a pronounced upbeat roots-rock tune that changes things up sonically. It’s also got some nice lyrics to it, particularly: “If you get tired you could make a real good life/Tending to your dreams the way you do.”

The EP highlight is “Union’s an Art,” a delicate folk tune that starts with just a simple strumming of guitar, later changing the main instrument to a banjo. It’s also got some great vocals in a song that seems to be about how difficult love can be for two people.

Who knows what a yeti sounds like, but if it sounds like this EP by Wind Up Radio Sessions, a yeti is probably a pretty cool creature.

Top Track: “Union’s an Art”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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