Visual Hoots: Wintermitts

In further “how-in-the-world-did-we-miss-this” news, Vancouver outfit Wintermitts last month released a stunning new video for a new song, “Our Love.” Talking about the song for a minute, it shows that the band is willing to change things up a little bit. Wintermitts have always been a bit of a “chamber-pop” kind of band, so the melodic, drum-machine-assisted opening is mesmerizing enough. As the song goes on, more instruments come into the fold to bring up the energy, and it’s one of the most thrilling builds I’ve heard in a long time.

The video, directed by Artino Ahmadi, is basically a short film. It’s mind-blowing how much story and raw emotion Ahmadi manages to pack into a little over five-minutes. It manages to pack in independent shadows, unicorns, dragons, universe-jumping and a sleepover, among other things. Visually it’s great too- it’s a music video you won’t want to look away from.

Keep on going, Wintermitts.

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