Audible/Visual Hoots: Paradise Animals, WTCHS, Air Marshal Landing

We recently got a slew of emails featuring singles and videos, so collected here are three mentions of some cool stuff you should listen to.

phosphorescentFirst off, we have Paradise Animals. They’re hard at work putting together some new music (which we’re super excited to hear), but in the meantime they’ve released a new remix of Morgan Doctor’s “Phosphorescent.” Paradise Animals add a very cool touch to the Toronto drummer’s track, with a layer of electronics as well as some edited jazz drums. Super cool, and available for free download.

mr handsOn the harder edge of town we have “Mr. Hands” by the noisy/awesome WTCHS. The tune immediately assaults the ears with some heavy distorted guitar, pounding drums and the band’s trademark shouted vocals. The song calms down a bit in the last minute or so as a guitar solo comes in, making for a really energetic track. “Mr. Hands” is part of a split 7″ with Thoughts on Air that will be available April 20th.

And finally, on the pop-rock side of town we have the oft-mentioned Air Marshal Landing, who have just released their video for “Little Town.” The video looks like an old silent film (albeit with much better picture quality, this being the year 2013 and all) and features one band member as the “hero,” another as the villain (and sporting quite the evil mustache) as well as the third in drag. Think you’ve seen the old “damsel in distress tied to railroad tracks as the train approaches” scene a million times? Probably, but you’ve never seen it quite like this. The video was directed by Michael Schmidt.

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