Audible Hoots: Amber Edgar

honey and sorrowAmber Edgar has been a musician for some time, but until now she’s never released anything under her own name. She felt like she finally had to do it, and good thing she did.

Her single Honey & Sorrow, available for free from Bandcamp, features two great songs that are supported by a healthy cast of Hamilton’s music scene. Either providing instruments or vocals or both you can hear Greg Preston, Kori Pop and Marie Avery among others.

“Honey & Sorrow” is anchored by Edgar’s electric guitar, but features a lot of other nice flourishes, particularly by a more prominent bass later on in the song. Some great background vocals also inject some energy to go along with Edgar’s already strong vocals.

“Troubles” takes it a little easier, though with no less passion. “All my troubles behind, are they all behind me now?/ I’ll be good, while I’m gone,” Edgar sings.

Check out both tracks below.

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