Review – “Duets #1-3” – The Weather Station

reviewed by Laura Stanley

After releasing one of my favourite records from 2011, Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station) has teamed up with some of her very talented friends for an open-ended duets series. In February, Lindeman, through one of the blog’s favourite record labels You’ve Changed Records, released installments one to three of the duet series, collaborating with the now rhinestone cowboy Daniel Romano, Baby Eagle, and Marine Dreams respectively.

In each of the three Duets, both of the present artists are able to come together in such a warm and complimenting manner with neither overshadowing the other. On the You’ve Changed website, Lindeman writes about the series, saying that songwriting is lonely, “in its own way, so often done in a bedroom, in stole moments of introspection” and praises the community of friends and musicians that she has come to be a part of since touring the country. These friendships rooted in music are ones that are on display with these duets, effortlessly combining the musical gifts of four individuals for a stellar collaborative project.

Featuring Daniel Romano, who also contributed to Lindeman’s All Of It Was Mine record, Duets #1, is two heartbreaking country songs, a la the sounds of Romano’s new album, bringing two voices together that just seem to be made for singing with each other. In both “Tomorrow is Forever” and “Can You See Her In My Eyes,” a warm pedal steel sets the mood for two songs that are beautiful and genuine throwback country numbers.

In Duets #2, Lindeman joins up with Baby Eagle (Steve Lambke of the Constantines), showing off a different and distinct sounding collaboration for a pair of songs that, in a whisper, go by far too quickly. Lambke and Lindeman trade off equally distinct hushed vocals throughout the first of their songs, “Brook and Branch,” a song which is also surprisingly melodic. In a similar fashion, “Mule in the Flowers” possess a subtle strength, delivering great lyrics like, “One thing I know that’s always increasing is the past” and a very pleasing melody as well. 

In the last duet, well, for now, Marine Dreams, aka Ian Kehoe formerly of Attack in Black, brings a little bit of a fuller band sound to his two songs with Lindeman. A lo-fi “First Letter” takes on a dreamy feeling while “Good Bread” is the most upbeat of all of the three Duets’ songs, injecting some of Kehoe’s Marine Dream sounds for great results.

Showcasing the talents of all of the parties involved, together and apart, The Weather Station’s Duets series is something to keep your eye on.

Duets #1-3 are all available through iTunes and Bandcamp

Further instalments of the Duets Series featuring Will Kidman, Misha Bower, and more will be available soon. Follow all the details here.

Top Tracks: “First Letter,” “Mule In The Flowers”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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