Audible Hoots: Nick Faye and the Deputies

The blog being centred in Toronto, we often get huge glimpses into what’s happening in our own local scene, but can never quite grasp in the same way what’s happening east and west of us. The west in particular is a little more mysterious to us, and so it’s always nice to hear what’s happening there every once in a while.

After releasing the excellent Last Best West LP in 2011, Regina, Sask.’s Nick Faye and the Deputies are soon to be releasing their Harvest EP, the first track being the melodic “Eleanor.” The EP was written as Faye worked as a farmhand at his family farm, and will be released on February 28 alongside a documentary that shows how Saskatchewan has been changing over the years.

“Eleanor” is a charming, slow-burning song supported by just a few simple instruments. Most notable is the guitar, but later, during the song’s musical interlude, there is a hint of banjo and some accordion (as a side note, it’s amazing how nostalgic an accordion can make a song sound).

Stream “Eleanor” below, and check out Nick Faye’s Bandcamp page soon to hear the new EP.

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