Review- “The Quick Slug EP”- Legato Vipers

the quick slug epreviewed by Michael Thomas

The debut EP from Legato Vipers is exactly as the title and album art implies; it’s essentially a quick sip of the band’s groove-worthy instrumental surf-rock. No song goes on longer than roughly two-and-a-half minutes, giving brief insights into the chemistry of the band led by Mike Brooks and Tyler Belluz of Del Bel, who never seems to run out of side projects to be part of while still doing stuff with his main band.

Everything about Legato Vipers screams cool, from the dual-guitar attacks to Belluz’s seamless bass lines. Band merch usually doesn’t need to be mentioned in reviews, but when a band sells actual flasks and switchblade combs, they just contribute more to the image the band is building. Oh yeah, and they got Don Pyle of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet to produce the album.

The first two songs sound like they could be the soundtrack to either a Quentin Tarantino flick or an old-school spy movie (a fact that band seems to acknowledge with the second song title of “Spy vs Spy”). There’s the glorious surf-rock guitar chords that are a staple of the genre and lots of cool mingling between the various guitars. “Brian’s Beard” also fits into this category, though faking out the listening with a bit of shimmer before launching into the riffs.

“Angel Dust,” meanwhile, builds intensity in a short period of time, kind of like the moment right before an old West cowboy shootout happens. “Sweet 16” sounds like it could be someone’s victory theme. The Quick Slug EP can apparently reference sipping from a flask and the firing of a gun, such is the versatility of the word “slug.”

The eight songs will go by quickly, but it stills leaves plenty of time for copious grooving and/or dancing. Check out Legato Vipers tonight as they play the Wavelength Festival’s final night. Their performance will be paired with the burlesque talents of the Harlettes. Seriously, can this band get any cooler?

Top Tracks: “Spy vs Spy”; “Bernie (Ernie Mcierney)

Rating:Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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