Review- “Lead Mule”- Lead Mule

lead mulereviewed by Michael Thomas

Every once in a while, after a long and frustrating day, one can unwind in a number of ways with music. When one is particularly angry, nothing can feel better than bobbing one’s head to some good rock and roll, and Lead Mule’s self-titled debut EP may be just the remedy.

Lead Mule (the first word being pronounced like “led”) have a great rock aesthetic going for them, their name being a tribute to a place where lots of outdoor shows were held, with members of bands like Wintersleep and Holy Fuck getting their start there.

The band uses some great power chords and bass grooves within their song, and they strike a great balance in the vocals between singing meaningful lyrics and the kinds of “woah’s” and “ah’s” that make for some awesome rock-and-roll singalongs.

Each song has its own unique energy, making for a varied set of tracks. “Third Degree” goes a bit heavier on the electric guitars and has a great bit of the song full of questions, the best being the following: “Who do we blame for this?/Isn’t there someone who should take the fall?/Why does it feel like talking to a wall?”

“Out West” feels like an extended airing of grievances, full of lyrics about taxes and the upper class and the ensuing inequalities. Here the band most easily shows their 90s grunge influence, and the lyrics and music work well together for that.

“Sunporch” is a little sunnier of a song, as the title might imply, and the lyrics are largely nostalgic of a better time, perfect for anyone still reeling over how much snow fell in Toronto last week.

Finally, opener and closer “Spilt Milk” and “Absence” feature some more high-energy songs with lots of the aforementioned group “woah’s” and “ah’s” that will help the listener shake out any frustration he or she may have.

So shake off those blues and rock out a bit.

Top Track: “Sunporch”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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