Video spotlight #15

Data Romance- “Can’t Keep Your Mind Off”

The single from Data Romance‘s upcoming album Other is pretty killer, and so is the video. It’s been described as “Dexter-esque” which is a pretty accurate description. It follows a woman who, well, doesn’t let men out of her house alive. As a warning, if you’re not comfortable with blood, this might make you at least uncomfortable. The video was directed by Alistair Legrand.

Julie Doiron- “I Woke Myself Up”

Julie Doiron is undoubtedly one of Canada’s national treasures, and this live video of Doiron performing an older song at 3030 Dundas West captures a bit of her persona. As a little bit of fun, the black and white video looks like it was attacked by animation out of Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

The River and The Road- “Old Ben”

While Vancouver band The River and The Road are currently touring their Americana style of folk music over in Australia, they are also releasing a six part video series, “Changing Seasons.” With plans to put out a new video every two weeks, “Old Ben,” a song from their self-titled record that came out last year, gives an intimate look into their music making.

JonnyDebt- “Bronze”

This wonderfully low-budget video from JonnyDebt’s Prince of the Golden Horseshoe album features psychedelic colours, girls in Day of the Dead makeup, a bunch of people having a good time and the band rocking out to their song. The band seems to have the same rock and roll mindset as Hollerado, in the sense of not taking themselves too seriously, which is nice.

The Rest- “Always On My Mind”

Having moved on from a video about puppet fornication, The Rest have moved onto a video with two love stories. One is simply a man and a woman, and the other, a lion and a rabbit. The video, which was directed by Karl Richter, actually makes these two stories a lot more creepy than the description says, and the ending might be one of the biggest “what the fuck?” moments you’ll ever experience in a music video.

Jenny Berkel – “Like a Rope” 

If you’re a fan of Jenny Berkel’s haunting folk debut record Here on a Wire, prepare to love her new single “Like a Rope” and its accompanying video. Animated by Karsten Wall, the “Like a Rope” video takes you through the struggles of loneliness for a beautiful collaboration of art. “Like a Rope,” the song, is available on Bandcamp.

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