Video spotlight #14

The Folk- “Rules Of Youth”

In our first live video of the spotlight, we revisit the Toronto/Guelph outfit singing a fantastic track from their 2012 EP Say It Again. This Violet Sound Session shows the band performing live at 3030 Dundas to an enthusiastic crowd interspersed with b-roll of cool stuff like teenagers having fun and driving cars. Perhaps it’s meant to illustrate the real rules of youth.

Dream Jefferson- “Sad Girl”

Apparently this music video isn’t all that new, but it’s definitely worth noting. The song certainly doesn’t suggest anything happy happening in this song, and so it’s fitting that the “sad girl” of the video brings out a lot of emotion despite wearing a paper mask. From the swirling camera angles to the manic movements, this video manages to project a brilliant snapshot into the life of a sad girl without words or any real story. Directed by Igor Ustinovich.

Robots Wearing Sunglasses- “Hard”

While this rap duo are not, unfortunately, actual robots, they’ve got the sunglasses down pat. Their first video is for the single “Hard,” and it features the guys proving how hard they are amid a kaleidoscope worth of colours and the occasional lyrical subtitle. Directed by illVibe.

We Were Heads- “You like the Shop, Pops?”

Wolfshirt Records is developing a reputation for putting out gritty rock records, and Toronto punks We Were Heads are next on the Wolfshirt roster with this new video. What starts as a (seemingly) innocent, solitary game of bowling takes a turn for the psychedelic.

Young River- “Thrill is in the Hunt”

Young River have just recently started putting up some live recordings, and “Thrill is in the Hunt” is the second of that series. The beautifully shot black-and-white video shows up close what this band is all about and definitely highlights some good chemistry. Good luck to them as they take place in an upcoming battle of the bands.


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