Grayowl Point’s 2012 Year in Review


from Michael Thomas:

I was recently saying to someone that I’m never quite sure of the ways this blog will grow. Every year, just as I think it’s reached a plateau, something new comes around that allows the blog to grow more and more.

This has certainly been a year of firsts, as per always. This was the first year we officially covered NXNE, as well as some other great festivals like ALL CAPS! and the Wavelength festival in February. We also, earlier this month, hosted our first-ever blog-curated show featuring Wendy Versus, Old English and Paradise Animals. It was more successful than we could have imagined.

This year we also welcomed two great new staff members. First up is the indispensable Eleni Armenakis, who has faithfully chipped away at our submission pile for several months and hasn’t complained once. We also welcomed the wonderful Elena Gritzan, who put in some fantastic show reviews of such diverse events as New Traditions, a festival on the Toronto Island to Coeur de Pirate at the Opera House and has since gone on to put out great album reviews too. Starting today, as a matter of fact, Elena has become our third administrator, where I know she will continue to be as dependable as she has been so far.

This year, you can expect us to put on (we hope) a few more shows in Toronto, featuring other bands that are current favourites. You can also expect to see more of us in the social-media verse, on Facebook, Twitter and for the first time, Tumblr.

Thanks to everyone who has just stumbled across our blog recently or who has been reading us for some time now. Thanks to the numerous bands who send their material our way and have waited or are waiting patiently for us to put together a review. And of course thanks to Laura, without whom I would not be able to manage this site with any degree of sanity. Happy new year to all of our readers, and we look forward to bringing you more rad music in 2013!


Photo on 2013-12-31 at 11.17 #2
Michael made me take a picture of myself…

from Laura Stanley: 

Another year come and gone and with it, another year that I’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to the finest of Canadian music. When I started writing for Grayowl Point, which will be *gasp* three years come September 2013, I had no idea of all the great experiences to come and the friendships I would make as a result. (I sound like a Graduation card…)

From some of my personal favourites, Feist winning this year’s Polaris Prize (humble brag: I’ve written the Polaris Prize winner’s essay for three years in a row now), interviewing some great musicians, and being able to review great Canadian music, 2012 has also been a huge year of growth for the blog overall all thanks to you, the readers!

I would also like to thank Michael, again, for all of his constant hard work and allowing me to be part of the blog’s Parliament. (Owl joke) And yes, I too hope that we maintain our sanity come April.

All the best in 2013 and here’s to another great year of Canadian music.

Again, with a hoot and a swoop,


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