Boreal Sons’ Top Ten Canadian Records from 2012 (and one EP)

(Our last list, we promise….maybe….)

Along with putting out a stellar EP themselves this year, Calgary’s Boreal Sons reflect back on some of their favourite Canadian releases from 2012:

Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes

If Thom York joined a group of traveling Gypsies this would be their music baby.

Aidan Knight – Small Reveal

Aidan’s previous release was one of our favorite records ever, we like this one even more.

Pocket Orchestra – Tall Tale

Very clever orchestral pop written by a musical genius.

Andy Shauf – The Bearer of Bad News 

A heartbreaking narrative patchwork. Better buy some more Kleenex.

Jennah Barry – Young Men

Jennah Barry is the Arkenstone. Period.

The Zolas – Ancient Mars

Stop thinking so much. It’s The Zolas.

Kathleen Edwards – Voyageur

Justin Vernon added some sprinkles to Kathleen’s folky cupcake.

Snoqualmie – Snoqualmie

Twin Peaks, the record.

Evening Hymns – Spectral Dusk

An intimate release from a lyrical mastermind.

Jordan Klassen – Kindness EP

A stunning short album from a tirelessly innovative songwriter


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