Laura’s Top 5 EPs of 2012

by Laura Stanley

With another very busy year here at the blog, we at Grayowl Point have been so lucky to be exposed to some fantastic new releases and with that, EPs! Though small, EPs can undoubtably make a huge impression by packing quick punches and showing what a band is truly all about. Here are some of my favourite EPs from 2012:

Bishop Morocco – Old Boys EP 

With an array of delightfully moody dream-pop, Toronto duo Bishop Morocco released a stellar sophomore release this year in Old Boys EP. As a band that is believed to be the next “big thing,” the multi-layered tone and almost hushed vocals of the EP creates an atmosphere that’s unrivalled this year.

Boreal Sons – Bedtime Briar  

Piano driven band Boreal Sons are a band that blew my mind this year with their EP, Bedtime Briar. Centred around the warm vocals of lead singer Evan Acheson, Boreal Sons take us on a journey through the inner workings of a dog’s dream for a stunning creative opus.

Dam Ships – Dam Ships 

The all instrumental EP from Montreal’s Dam Ships has been the biggest surprise and discovery for me this year. Yes, though wordless, there’s a poignancy about Dam Ship’s quick three songs that’s really something to hear. With a new release slated to come out in February, Dam Ships should be on your radar in 2013.

Pocket Orchestra – Tall Tale 

After recently gushing about Pocket Orchestra aka Colin Nealis’ solo release Tall Tale, and really anything that Colin Nealis works on…, it should come as no surprise that it has a spot on my top EPs of the year. With its warm nature and gorgeous sounds, Tall Tale is a beauty.

Wide-Eyed Tour Guide – Sharp Tongue Pillow Talk 

One of my most listened to records period this year, Toronto trio Wide-Eyed Tour Guide continue to show why they are such a talented young band. Packed full of catchy hook, clever lyrical quips, and an energy that’s catching, Sharp Tongue Pillow Talk is an indie-pop fan’s dream.

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